New Membership Levels for 2019

2019 is an exciting year for the members and staff at White Beeches.  It marks the beginning of our second century, and as we look forward to the future, we also look forward to adding new members to this vibrant community of friends.

In response to the growing needs of golfers, White Beeches has added THREE new membership tiers, to accommodate different types of members and their different needs.


In this new membership tier, members can enjoy modified access to the outstanding golf course, as well as all the other club amenities.  Designed primarily for the individual golfer, this membership gives the golfer access to the club every day.  The only restrictions are that weekend tee times begin after 12 noon, and Friday tee times have a short window between 10:30 and noon reserved for other members.  Other than that, the member can enjoy all the club’s amenities, including tennis, the pool, the fitness center, and all dining and social events.  Please note that this is a membership reserved for an individual golfer.


Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the business level membership enables owners of businesses to secure a membership for a limited number of team members.  There are two levels of memberships in this tier:  one reserved for a minimum of three members with WEEKDAY privileges, and one reserved for four or more team members with expanded privileges, depending on each member’s preference.  To inquire about a business membership, please use the CONTACT PAGE to request information.


Designed for larger business entities, the enterprise level membership enables larger companies to secure golfing privileges for team members, board members, or visiting executives.  Similar to the business level membership, there are two levels in this membership class:  one reserved for a minimum of five members with full golfing privileges, and one reserved for six or more members with full privileges.  To inquire about an enterprise membership, please use the CONTACT PAGE to request information.

As always, we look forward to serving our membership with the most flexible options so you can gain the most enjoyment and utility from White Beeches.