A Very Special Memorial Day Addition

If you are visiting the club this weekend, stop and take a close look at the American flag flying out front.

Following the attack on America on September 11, 2001, and the collapse of The World Trade Center, New York’s first responders, alongside thousands of brave citizens, worked heroically to rescue victims trapped in the rubble. Sadly, these brave efforts included the recovery of deceased victims and the dignified return of earthly remains to their families. Survivors committed themselves to restoring lower Manhattan and honoring the memory of those lost in this horrific tragedy.

The citizens of this country opened their hearts and helped relief efforts; supplying shelter, food, clean water, cell phones, and critical transportation to aid with relief and recovery efforts. The selfless giving of these civilians made it possible for first responders to work in extremely dangerous and life threatening conditions. Prominent among these proud citizens was White Beeches Golf & Country Club Member, Mr. Pat Monyihan.

Mr. Monyihan provided incredible support to his local FDNY Engine 40 and Ladder 35, which lost 11 members on that awful day. He provided daily meals and endless resources. Months later, the firefighters who relied so heavily on his good will and generosity presented him with the American flag pictured here. This flag was hung at “the pit” during the rescue and recovery efforts and was used to cover the remains of victims on the way to peaceful reunification with their grief-stricken families.

The American flag will always serve as a proud symbol of American patriotism. This particular flag reminds us all of the noble efforts of Americans after the 9/11 attack.

Every season, Mr. Monyihan loans this flag for display at White Beeches as a reminder of the incredible loss suffered, the courage displayed, and the hope that prevails.